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We help business owners and non-sales professionals build and execute sales strategy that works..

Sales Consulting for small business and non-sales professionals.

Improve your sales performance while your team continues at maximum capacity.  We understand that most small business owners are working in multiple capacities.  When the focus comes to growing your business, you need a sales consultant who will help you overcome the obstacles to growth and work with you to build your business.  PMD works behind the scenes with small to mid-sized organizations to assess, identify and build sales performance best practices to increase efficiency and grow your business exponentially while your daily management team stays focused on driving business.  Our positive, motivating consulting services can provide you with additional short-term sales management tools to boost your sales performance without taking a step back.  PMD helps business owners and non-sales professionals  increase sales performance through a positive, deliberate approach to Assess-Identify-Build-Train.

  • Assess your current market
  • Identify current areas of strength within your sales organization
  • Build best practices within your sales force to leverage your strengths
  • Train, Coach and Mentor best practice methodologies in real-time

By partnering with PMD Sales Training & Consulting you will:

  • Supplement your current sales operation with an experienced sales consultant
  • Identify best practices and leverage them more efficiently for maximum impact
  • Gain confidence and ability in the art of selling
  • Create sales efficiency and results that are measurable at the bottom line
  • Stay up to date on the latest sales performance analytics tools
  • Enjoy exposure to sales best practices across multiple industries
  • Work with a highly regarded, positive sales consulting team to drive momentum