Practical, Positive, Collaborative training programs that enhances sales performance and drive results.


Our sales training programs focus on the tools you need to optimize The Golden 120 Seconds:  those crucial minutes when you connect with prospective customers and they know you’re listening to their needs.  Choose from one of our training programs listed below or contact us for a free consultation to determine the right fit for your sales performance improvement initiatives.

The Golden 120

Hard-hitting foundational training using the key elements found in Peter Dennis’ book,The Golden 120 Seconds of Every SalesCall. This program encompasses a wide range of topics including Messaging, Presentation, Networking, Closing and Negotiation Skills training.  Incorporates three days of classroom training.  Eligible for the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund for businesses in Massachusetts.

The Golden 120 for the Non-Sales Professional

In most cases, sales and business development tasks are assigned to non-sales team members due to knowledge, proficiency and technical expertise.  Our business development training for non sales professionals was developed with a focus on enhancing business development techniques for team members in operational, executive, management and technical roles.   Incorporates foundational training using key elements of sales enhancement techniques that have proven highly successful in service-oriented environments like higher education, attorneys offices and financial institutions.  This program fosters stronger sales messaging and collaboration between operational and sales teams within service-oriented company cultures.   Incorporates three half days of classroom training with an optional 90-day coaching plan.  Eligible for the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund for small businesses in Massachusetts.


High-Performance Presentation Skills Training

Maximize every dollar spent on corporate presentations.  Developed from over 30 years of in-the-trenches experience with high value enterprise selling, our presentation training focuses on the key elements of presentation performance including preparation, execution and debrief.  This high value training is hard-hitting, client-specific and focused on producing an immediate impact on enterprise sales.  Incorporates 2 1/2 days of classroom training with real world practice, preparation and integration for maximum impact on skill enhancement. This program can be tailored to any sales team size.